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Which Elbow Sleeves?

Thinking about ordering some elbow sleeves.

Should I get the Elite FTS Heavy Elbow Sleeves for $18 bucks(They are single ply cloth):

or Mueller ones for $18 on Amazon(Neoprene:

Do not want anything with rebound, just some warmth and support.

I do not think the FTS ones are allowed in comp, but currently do not compete but would like to train the same just in case I decide to.


Rehband hands down. The Elite’s are way to tight to leave on, more like a wrap.


Just order the knee but sized based on your elbow, works just fine.

Ive been reading alot on the Titan knee sleeves and how they are an awesome alternative to the blue rehbands but way cheaper. Any thoughts on this?

The Tommy Konos are the same thing, the knee sleeves are interchangeable and I used mine for elbow sleeves when necessary.

But the most badass sleeves ever are the Inzer ones.

Titan sleeves seem to be ok. I have only used them as knee sleeves…

Its my 2nd pair as the first one started to split… but my local dealer gave me new ones for free…

Ive also seen alot of TK’s split…

If i was to get new elbow and knee wraps i would only get rehband… the original blue ones from jackles gym