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Which Education Path?

I’ve been studying to be an Accountant for the last 7 years.
Accountancy is a very dry and boring subject.
I’d like to learn about History, Philosophy and Politics not for professional reasons, but purely out of interest.
I could do a part time degree at university, but would like some advice as to wether I should do a combined degree with all three subjects or just concentrate on one subject.
Some people say it’s best to learn one subject really well rather than learn a little bit about lots of different subjects.
On the other hand I could just learn myself by reading loadsa books from each of the three areas.

I’m curious. Are you getting your Ph.D. in accounting? 7 years?

Goddamn i hate graduate school it is killing me. Relevance to this post is approximately 0% but thats all right. carry on

I’ve taken a break in between so I’ve been doing it 7 years on and off

Here’s what I did: I went ahead and got my degree in Comp Eng, while taking Government and Politics courses on the side. After I got my degree, I went back and started doing gvpt graduate work. Yes, you can learn a lot on your own… but a good university can provide you with insights from professors and fellow students that you might never get otherwise.

If you don’t like to study accounting, you likely won’t like to do accounting either.

But, if you have some good work experience you could get into a good MBA program and try to do business consulting or something.

As for studying other subjects, I dabbled in lots of things. Some have helped me professionally, and some haven’t, but I think most added to my thinking skills and appreciation of life. I guess it comes down to whether you want to spend the money for that benefit, or if you just want to get your degree for a job and do your dabbling on the side.

is it with one degree with concentrations in all three? if so, do it. take your time, there’s no rush, but do it. learning is priceless. you may be able to do some alone, but a good professor and challenging classmates are irreplaceable. education is the best investment you can make (I don’t mean that financially). few things in life are more satisfying than attempting and achieving intellectual pursuits.