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Which E2 Test Do I Trust?

I was wondering which E2 Test is the one that I need to be using

Im taking
T- 25ml EOD which equals 100ml weekly
.25 Arimidex 3x/weekly

I took both test on the same day at the same time

TT=994 (250-1100)
FT= 291 (35-155pg)
SHBG= 15 (10-50)

Im not sure how to adjust my A.I dosing because im not to sure which test is better for me to put my trust in?

Use the ultrasensitive, your E2 is low.

@systemlord is correct. LC/MS is the proper analytical method for greatest accuracy, ultrasensitive.

This is the crazy part that I still haven’t been able to figure out

Every time I go get the two test done at the same time most of the time the Ultrasenstive test E2 is higher then the standard. This is the first time the Ultrasesntive test is lower. Does the Ultrasenstive test still work and is it still accurate when you E2 is high or does it only work when your E2 is low