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Which Double Ply Shirt Is Best For Me

I’ll compete in the British GPC and the equipped division is only multiply…
I’d like to get my first bench shirt but I’m not sure which one is best for me.
I arch quite a bit, wide grip, generally touch the top of my belly, long arms, tuck a lot.

Ive heard that the inzer double ply shirts are great.

Also should I buy a 2nd hand shirt for training days and keep a brand new shirt intact until meet day? I’ve heard that poly shirt stretch after just a few sessions

Thanks in advance

Not to be pedantic, but it is not a REQUIREMENT that you wear a 2-ply shirt. “Multiply division” only means that it is PERMITTED. Personally, I would start in a looser Titan or Inzer single shirt. Particularly if you don’t have a longer period of time to learn it or an experienced crew.

It’s not a requirement but there’s no single ply category, so I’d compete with lifters with multiply shirts, might as well try to use same equipment

Do you have several experienced lifting partners? I wouldn’t try to use a shirt without a team.

Sounds like you plan to bomb out.

Good advice right here