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Which do you prefer with your girlfriend - anal sex or vaginal?

Just curious as anal turns me on no end, luckily my GF loves it even more with a vibe on her clity!!

I heard that one bloke got a tomato seed stuck in the eye of his old fella and it festered & required surgery :slight_smile:

yeah…that might have been me, but it was a watermellon seed. The backdoor is fun…but I really hate the…um…shall I say…‘corn on the cob?’

Be careful, honey. She may ask to return the favor. Just check out this months issue of Varations. Then be prepared to bend over and grab your ankles. :-0

My wife is the best. We do anal all the time and I never ever get “corn on the cob” or any visible residue at all. She is clean as a whistle back there. GOD ITS GOOD.


I don’t know WHY (maybe it is from watching WAY too much “Benny Hill”, “Monty Python” and other forms of that wicked British Humor that just made me crack up with your phrase “vibe on her clity”! It just sounded so wickedly “British”! (I had visions of some British Tabloid interviewing Margaret Thatcher’s “hubby”…"…ah yes…Maggie DOES love a vibe on the 'ole clity every once and a while…)

Okay…I’m cracking up again!

Are you British? LOL!!!

How do you go about talking a good girl who refuses to do anal to try it. Man I have never even done anal, but I crave it. I NEED HELP PEOPLE. I am just curious george and my curiosity is up and running. Thanks.

Curious: You can’t. Anal sex that is “coerced” or done merely to “show one’s love” will only be done poorly.A woman must be relaxed and receptive to the idea, or it will be a lousy and unfulfilling experience for the both of you.

You’re desperate to try anal sex? I think The Man In the Yellow Hat could probably help you.

Not to sound like a creep, but getting your girl liquored up will help. She’ll be a lot more relaxed about it. You also cant just dive right in. If you’re a freak like me and your girl has good hygene you wont mind giving her a rim job. It should spark her interest eventually in taking it farther.

The one and only time I’ve had anal sex I didn’t even realize it until afterward. My wife and I came home completely shitfaced, we started going at it doggy, my aim was off, she thought I was hinting that I wanted anal and grabbed the lube. I lubed up, she guided me in. It felt different, but I didn’t realize what had happened until she asked me if I liked it. I responded with, “I always like it.” Ooops. She figured out that I hadn’t even known what we did. I’ll probably never get it again. I can live with that, but what bothers me is that she won’t let me stick my pinkie in her ass while I go down on her. I miss that.

Either that or the Indian, cowboy, or policeman

Once you’ve been going out with your GF for a while just ask her after you’ve had sex if she’s ever tried it, and hen whatshe thinks of it. If she isn’t really against the idea when you have got her really wet, rub her clit and kinda tap at her butthole. Then when you are having doggy style just put your pinky finger in, making sure it is really wet, trust me this makes girls come loads! The next time you do stuff like that ask if you can try it fully, it’ll have felt good before so she’ll be open to the idea. If not by then at least use a really small soft vibrator in her ass, then you are on your way! It’s no big deal man

Joey - Female perspective: I don’t really have a preference between the two other than I get uncomfortably sore if I do anal more than twice a week. It’s wonderful, but in much more limited sessions than straight sex. Curious George, et al. - Here’s the question on the flip side…how do you get a guy who’s more than willing to tongue my ass to actually finger it or fuck it? I’ve left the option waaaay open (asking questions to the effect of "Where would you like to cum…in my mouth, on my face, inside me, on my belly or ass, or in my ass?) but haven’t been taken up on the offer yet. Hygiene isn’t an issue, as he’ll play outside, and I’ve never experienced any of the messier aspects of playing there. Suggestions?

Both are nice. Anal is good, but I’m with Karma in that you should limit the amount for your partner’s sake. (Be considerate.) Karma, since you don’t want to come right out and say stick it in my ass, try getting in positon and at some point of intercourse just remove your partner and guide it in. He shouldn’t mind. If he does, call me :wink:

If you want him to give it to you in the ass come out and say it. I guarantee if you look him the eyes and say “fuck me in the ass” i doubt he’ll turn it down. I sure as hell wouldn’t. Hearing a girl say that kinda shit is sooooooo hot.

Karma, just be blunt. Guys like blunt. Bend over, pull your cheeks apart, look over your shoulder… and if he still doesn’t get, simply say, “Fuck my ass.”

Whew. I sure could use a cold shower now.

Thanks, guys. I thought I’d been blunt enough. Thought wrong though, eh? I’m relatively new to the particular man I was discussing and I’d rather not offend him (have had friends in the past that’d rather eat their own vomit that do anal on a chick). That’s why I figured I’d open the door and he could step through or not, depending on his preference. He’s quite fun in other regards so I didn’t want to make this an issue.

Karma, you have no idea how much of a hard on your posts give me! God I wish my girlfriend wasn’t abroad!

LOL…and thank you, though that’s never been the intent. How long has she been away and whatever do you do to occupy yourself? (Rhetorical question) Regardless of how miserable this time is for you (in that regard), you should be planning some rather elaborate and insanely satisfying interludes to share when she returns…not to mention having yourself in peak condition. :wink: