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Which DL Are You Best At?


I can pull more (and feel more comfortable) doing Romanian DLs than regular DLs. This isn't common, is it? Anyone else experience this? I'm tall and have long arms + legs--perhaps this is the reason.


yes this is true. Long arms and lond legs make romanians pretty easy. Usually you have the shorter torso to go with it.

If you have that body shape then romanians are much easier and squats are very hard.


1-arm kettlebell deadlifts, on a dynadisc. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm kidding...mostly.

I'm 6'2", and for some reason, Sumo DLs have just always felt like "ahhh, I'm home". I just seem to find a nice sweet groove whenever I do them.

And yeah, Romanians do seem easier than Conventional.


Glad to hear I'm not a freak for doing more on Romanian than standard (though I am a freak for other reasons)

What is the difference in affected muscle groups between Romanians and Standard? I always read that Romanians are supposed to hit hamstrings more but I don't really feel it. Can only feel lower back in both.



Conventional Deadlifts.


In Dan John's book (From the Ground Up!) he states that if you feel the RDLs in your lower back, you are doing them wrong. You can download this great book for free here:


and I'll get $1 for each download I refer.

Nah, just kidding. :slightly_smiling:

There are great explanations to a large number of exercises, but beware of the technical jargon Dan sometimes throws around. For example, he might say something like "if you don't feel like your hamstrings are going to be ripped off your backside, then you're not doing the exercise correctly."

He certainly knows how to get a point across!


Conventional. I can handle MUCH more weight with this than stiff legs.

I have long arms and legs too. I think you're just a freak :smiley:


I'm best at the dwdl. I really feel it in the spine the next day; That's how I know it's working.


I can sumo a lot more than I can regular.


The one where you pick the damn barbell off the floor.


I was going to say all of them, but I like your answer better.


Yeah that's a great answer.


Awesome. Gotta work those vertebrae out. Don't forget the ligaments.

Conventional. Although lately I've been having serious trouble finding my groove, so I kinda hate it now.


I can RDL more, I think that has more to do with the starting position.

Out of Sumo or Normal - I sumo more but it knocks me about why too much to do regularly.

I am 5'9"ish

But I actually prefer to do Snatch grip Deadlift.


exactly the same with me, I like doing the snatch grip deads off a 4 inch platform, smokes the posterior chain.


I hit my PR with sumo


i really have only been doing the DL which is about 1-2 inches away from my shins but rides up my body from my thighs with a mixed grip (left palm out, right palm in). atm im doing 5x5 at 270-5 and before that when doind WS4SB it was at 285 x 5...i think if i did a ME on DL i would be over 300...i would like to try that again soon...


the one where you put a bunch of weight on a bar and then grab it and stand up

(why am i having so much trouble being serious lately?)



You may be right. You're utilizing the stretch reflex coming down from the upright position (I assume you're NOT starting from the floor) and so you (and others) may be able to lift more doing RDLs than conventional DLs. Also, I see a lot of people bouncing the weight off the floor during RDLs, which is weak. If you're gonna do RDLs or stiff-legged DLs, do them on a platform so you can get the maximum stretch & no bounce.

There's some T-Nation article that says when doing DLs from the floor for reps you need to release the bar between each rep so as NOT to utilize the stretch. In other words, releasing & regripping the bar keeps you from cheating.


I've found that this works best for me towards the end of each set, as my grip starts to slip, and I don't use straps or a mixed grip.