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which diet?

i just registered and started posting here.

im 6’1" 195-200lbs
body fat: not sure but ive always been able to see my abs (6pack) so im guessing between 8 and 10%.

ive gone from 165 to my current 200lbs in the past 3 years.

my strength is always going up but i want to pack on some size.

which diet, here, do you recommend. gaining a bit of fat is of no concern to me. ive upped my cals in the the past to avg 5000/day and i got my weight up to 205 (same body fat).

am i really going to have to be eating 6000 calories a day?!

also, what is the recommended macro-nutrient profile of these diets? i read massive eatin 1 ( if i looked it up right, i dont know if it was the entire article or not) and it only deals with calories.

also, how do i look up the links to the diets. when i do a search, i type in “massive eating part II” and i cant find the article. what am i doing wrong?


Massive Eating deffo sounds like it’s for you

If you go to the FAQ section you can find the link to it

Ditto what D.A. said. Props for being a forum newbie who’s actually done some legwork!

A search for just “massive eating” works better. Not only did I find part 2 but it also digs up a whole bunch of articles that have massive eating in it somewhere. Give it a shot.

Anyway, here’s part 2: