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Which Diet to Follow?


i am confused between a keto diet and low carb diet
can anyone help me with which one should be followed so i can preserve lil muscle dat i have right now
current weight 72kg
height 5’9"


Why do you think keto and low carb are the best options for you? I would suggest reading this article first.

And then this too


If you have “Lil muscle” why are you wanting a low carb diet?

would your efforts not be better spent eating a good clean balanced diet to fuel your performance and training hard for a sustained period?


oo so what would you suggest?
i thought of reducing the fat first den go on a clean bulk


Come on man, help yourself. Read those articles, and if you have specific questions after that come back and ask.

EDIT: sorry @MarkKO, accidentally replied to you, just meant to quote ya.


Take an honest look at your current diet, calculate your current calorie intake and macro breakdowns. Post up your findings and what you eat daily. You will need to be 100% honest or there is no point.

then let us know your current training routine and any conditioning work. Again 100% honesty, don’t just tell us what you plan to do each week, what do you actually do, how many sessions do you miss?

If you don’t have much muscle and judging by your weight I would be surprised if your in terrible condition fat wise it is possible to just rearrange your training and diet and build some muscle and lose a bit of fat.


ookay first let me follow a strict diet for few months n den ill come back for help if theres no change in my body !


Or don’t be a dumb ass, post up your diet and training like the other guys asked for, and let them help you save months of wasted effort on a shit diet and shit training program


and stop typing “den” instead of “then” for fuck sake