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Which Diet Strategy Is Best?

What would be the best diet for my short term goals…Get ripped t-dawg 2.0 etc? I need to lose the most amount of fat possible with hard work ofcourse by Dec…

Any suggestions?


If you can balls it out then the V-Diet is soooooo good.

Have you tried it? I looked at the post and the sample diet doesnt look that hard to follow but i know Ill have some issues with coming up with differnt one’s.

For your stated goal. Go read this. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1150209

Then make 2 little changes.

Change 1 - 6 meals not 4
Change 2 - transition into it, not just out of it. 2 of your six meals will be protein/carb meals before and after workouts - shakes are fine.

A week after starting, drop one shake and replace it with a protein/fat meal. Another week, drop the other and replace it. Your macros should be consistant with the author’s suggestions at the end of the two week acclimation to the diet period.

This reduces the grouchyness, hunger, and other “bad sides” he described for the diet.