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Which Diet for a Lean Bulk?


Hi guys.

Im Josh, 6ft 2 and 235lbs atm...about 16% bf.

Im naturally an endomorph with mesomorph second...i do struggle to lose fat etc but have a big frame.

What im struggling on with my diet is i'm very carb sensitive..over 300g a day or so and im sooo bloated!

Im trying to lean bulk and at the moment im on 450g protein, 250g carbs and about 110g fats....however,

Would you say my macro's look ok...or could i still gain mass but remain lean on the cha or anabolic diet?

I've been reading into these two diets also, are you familiar with them;

  1. The anabolic diet
  2. Scivations C.H.A type diet.

What im confused with is this..

Say my calorie requirements to bulk are 4000....would any of the below combos results in more muscle than the other.

  1. 450g protein, 300g carbs, 110g fats
  2. 500g protein, 100g carbs 180g fats
  3. 400g protein, 500g carbs, 50g fats.

Thanks. i have attached a picture of me also from 2days ago, unpumped.


No one can tell you if any of those combos are going to result in more muscle or not. Chances are they'll all yield similar since they're all the same calorie counts and the disparity between any of them isn't too huge though 2 and 3 have a great variance obviously.

Ultimately, try an approach out and find out for yourself. That's really going to be the only way to know. Each time you bulk up try a different approach until you find what works for you. Everyone responds differently.


Bloated as in your stomach? Or just overall? What carbs do you eat?

It could be your carb sources. Dairy, wheat products and gluten just don't agree with some people's GI tracts.