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Which Diet Book?

Dr. Darden,

Is there one book in particular that you have written that contains your thoughts on diet regarding your method of training? I recently purchased your book from the Biotest website and am really enjoying it so far. I plan to try HIT training, best of the best routine to be exact, starting next week and I am curious on what you recommend as far as diet and macro numbers. I come from a 5/3/1 background so it will definitely be different.

Thank you.



My macro numbers are 50-60% carbohydrates and the remaining numbers equally divided between proteins and fats.

My last two nutrition books – The Body Fat Breakthrough and Killing Fat – were both designed for people wanting to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. The breakdown for them both was 50% carbs, 25% proteins, and 25% fats.

Thank you Dr. Darden for the quick reply. I have been doing 60% carbs, 20% fats and 20% protein so I will adjust to those numbers and see where it takes me. Again thank you for taking the time to help us out on this forum! We all greatly appreciate it.

Dr. Darden do you like to cut any calories out of the daily macro amount on days where someone does not do any training? For instance, a certain macro and overall calorie amount the 1-3 days a week doing HIT training and a different amount of macros and overall calories on the other days of the week where no HIT training is being done? I appreciate your insights.

No, not on a daily basis. I believe it’s best to think in terms of a week, or even two weeks. And even then, I resort to calories per day going down or going up, depending on your goals.

So are you saying for someone who wants to gain muscle mass, ultimately gaining weight as well, would evaluate that on a daily basis? I plan on picking up your Killing Fat book at the beginning of next month so if all this is explained in there I apologize.

What I’m saying is that it’s better to evaluate what you are doing (losing or gaining) on a weekly basis, not on a daily one.

Day-to-day evaluation has frequent downs and ups. Week by week, things tend to be much smoother.

Ah yes now I get it. Thank you!