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Which Deal is Better on Ground Beef?


buying fattier kinds 70-30 or buying leaner, 85-15+?
i see 85/15 'natural' for 1.88/lb on sale
i also see elsewhere ground beef (supposedly 70-30) for .89/lb. what's more worth it?

sometimes i noticed buying 70-30 and cooking it looks like half of what i bought!

i also see boneless skinless chicken tenders for 1.88/lb


Fat cooks down because a lot of it’s mass is solidified “grease” that you get from cooking. However, the meat part of the beef won’t cook down nearly as much, so you’ll get similar amounts of protein if the cooked burgers come out the same size.

If your main motivation is price (and I know I’ll take a second to find the cheaper foods), and you can live with 70/30 meat in your diet then go for it. I personally try to keep it to 85/15 or leaner (although after 90/10, you gotta add an egg to the meat if you want cohesive burgers…).


You can drain some of the fat after cooking or pat the meat with a paper towel.


which ones would you buy? 89c beef sounds very nice in my mind.