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Which Deadlift Set Up Looks Better?

Hello. Which set up do you think results in a flatter back, especially lower back, on setup and the pull-- the first or the second? I realize they are at two different weights, but I am curious what you think. Thanks!



Not too much of a difference between them. Ditch the shoes. It’ll help.

I think just like someone said in the other thread you’re just pulling too slow. Put some pep in that step. You’re not really built for conventional but your form isn’t terrible either.

Just need to keep drilling in the basics with bracing, lats tight, hips through( glutes, fuck the bar, what ever cue works for you )

Everyone is individual.

For me the two things that helped keep my back flatter, and thus help my lockout (my weak point) were:

  1. Bracing. I still need to work on where the air is going, but I have improved a bunch by taking my breath at the top.

  2. Pulling the slack out of the bar. This has kept my hips from rising at the start. I have really worked on this a bunch to the point that I have accidentally done just off the floor pause deads with like 425 lbs. I just pulled that much before I started the actual pull. If you stay in position with the weight just about to hover, you will lift it with that form too.