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Which Deadlift am I Built for?


I read an article on T Nation that states that which deadlift variation that I should choose, depends on m anatomy.
Thing is it states that conventional=long arms short femurs, sumo=short arms, long femurs.

Questions is what would you think would be the most optimal variation with short legs short arms long torso? It seems hard for me to really do some decent weight on the conventional + sumo compared to the trap bar.

Pretty much everybody will lift more (sometimes a lot more) on the trap bar deadlift. Just mechanical advantage of having the weight closer to the center of your body.

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okay thx, but which of the sumo and conventional would you think would suit me the best? I know it varieres but isnt there one that has a better chance to be the best option for me to pick if I want to do powerlifting?

Sounds like you need to build your total through squat and bench. But sumo only works if you are able to get your hips in a good position without pain. Only way to tell which is best is to pull both ways. My sumo over took my conventional in a matter of weeks. Now it’s 100lbs more.

thx! I never really practiced the sumo. I tried it a few times but it seems like I cant get my balance right. I will look up some form videos and try to do the sumo for some time.

My balance was off when I started too would tend to almost fall backwards at lock out. Time fixed that