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which dbol is best

ive been wonmdering this for a while. which dbol is the best quality. pink thai, blue hearts, or white russians.

I personally love the Blue Hearts, (danabol) but the Pink pentagons (anabol) are ok too.

I like the green shamrocks. Wait… were we talking Lucky Charms or Dbol?

RU1 - likes the anal kind but Im not sure who makes it…:slight_smile:

Denkals is alright also…

OK you fuckers might laugh but you would be amazed at the absorbtion rate you could achieve anally. THAT IS A FUCKING JOKE OK !!! I like any kind I could get my hands on at the time. Seeing as I lived so close to the border it was usually Lloefler Ref. or Denkall caps. Which are pretty damn good sprinkled on some lucky charms.

Funny how Twelven’ is always joking about things anal, donkeys, midgets, etc.

“From the overflow of a man’s heart, his mouth speaks.”

Hmm. :wink:

All I can get is russian dbol
works for me!

thanks for all of your opinions guys. one again much appreciated!! oh and have any of you ever typed in test, whinny, or dbol in an ebay search? i had no fucking idea people could actualy action off anabolics! very risk on quality i would think.

what city do you live in ru? i might have to take a trip down there.