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Which Cycle Plan?

Hey all, I’m still pursuing a solid cycle here. I have used three cycles prior to this one.

30 yoa
14% BFI
210 lbs

I eat approximately 2650 calories a day, High protein, low carb, medium fats. I work out six days a week. Three days of which are including 30mins-1hr of cardio. My first cycle I used just test prop and clen, then went to Test Prop, Clen and anavar, then Test Prop, Tren A and Anavar. I loved all three. Now Tren A cycle I used no more then 25mg eod and test was at 125mg eod.

Cycle: 2 choices here both will be a 10 week cycle
Cycle 1:
1-10: Test Prop 1.25mg EOD
1-10: Tren Ace .75mg EOD
4-10: Anavar 60mg ED
1-10: Caber .25mg Tues/Thurs
1-10: Armidex .5mg EOD

12-14: Clomid 100/100/50/50

2nd Cycle:
1-10: 1.5cc EOD, Andromix (50mg Test P, 50mg Tren A, 50mg Mast)
1-10: Caber .25 Tues/Thurs
4-10: Anavar 50-60mg ED
1-10: Armidex .5mg EOD

12-14: Clomid 100/100/50/50

Now, I’m sure my PCT is missing something just not sure what. I like Test Prop because it is cheaper then Test E, I don’t mind the pins EOD. Now I’m struck between the two. I don’t know much of this andromix but its a good price right now. I even thought of adding more Test Prop to cycle 2 about 50mg EOD. I don’t care much of the mast so Im not increasing it or buying it. Im mainly looking at the tren and test in one bottle for less cost then buying Test p and Tren separate. Short esters work for me as well.

Please any guidance or changes would be very helpful. I have also been trying to get thoughts on higher tren lower test debate but the reviews and forums are evenly mixed. Thank you guys and sorry for format I could figure out how to add my excel document.


You are a grown ass man. Make your own decisions.

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Well that’s not the answer im looking for. I have questions about each cycle. if you have a smart ass answer don’t reply. I actually would like some help from people.

Also an EOD shot would that be eod no matter what like, mon/wed/fri/sun/tue/thur/sat and so forth or is it just m/w/f skip sat and sun?

You are asking strangers to tell you what to inject into your body. IF you have specific questions then ask them.

Do you compete or are you just a gym rat?

Gym rat I guess you can say. mostly its to get into better physical shape for some serious training in my upcoming months.

EOD means every other day. It doesnt mean every other day except for the weekend. I do every 3.5 days. Usually Tues morning and Sat nite.

that’s my issue is trying to figure out how many 10ml vials I need of andromix for a 10 or 12 wk cycle. not sure if tren a should be run 12 weeks

For being just a gym rat, you dont need all of those compounds. It is your body, you do what you like.

your probably right, last time I did tren I got great results from it. I don’t care about the mast. I was thinking its cheaper to buy andromix then propr and tren separate

The best advice I have is don’t buy steroid mixes.

There is a reason why mast is in most tren mixes.

But still don’t buy the mix

I get what your saying thank you. i’ll stick to the separate.

I do have 40 tabs of winstrol how would I cycle winny in and is it a good idea to take with anavar?

It’s not a good idea to take it with anavar. What dosage are the tabs?

I personally would not combine Winstrol and anavar altho a lot of people do i have seen numerous cycles where both are used IMO whatever benefits combining them creates is not worth the strain it will put your liver thru.

Ok so the reason mast is often combined with tren and the reason you see it in these mixes is due to the anti estrogen effect mast can have but mainly due to the effect mast has on your prolactin. And lowering your SHBG. Both of these things are believed to help negate negative tren sides. Mast is the most common DHT ised in tren cycles but if you already have winstrol that should essentially work the same way as mast on lowering prolactin and SHBG.

50mg for winny and 10mg tabs for anavar

Okay so anavar is liver toxic? i thought it wasn’t? or minor. ive never mixed it with another oral so idk

i would go what i already have tested and working

dont change it

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I think it’s considered the least toxic of the orals.

Winny is very strong. I’m finishing up a cycle where I added 50mg/day winny at the end and I couldn’t imagine adding something else top.

You could always try it and see what you think then discontinue one or the other if it doesn’t work out