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Which CW Workout?

Hi , New to this forum, been looking at other sites for years and simply never came here! tons of info and very different to main stream articles.

Been reading the Chad Waterbury high frequency articles, have downloaded all his programs from here and the suggested order to do them in, What i want to know is when you’ve done all of them or enough to be in the high frquency mode which one do you stick with as your main line training program?

lol - If you’ve only just downloaded them then you have a long time to go before you complete all of them :slight_smile:

However, I think I would stick to his Next Frontier work out as you can keep the high frequency but you are also provided with a tapering week for when it starts become too much.

Also, shortly after NF he wrote an article on how to develop your own high frequency programs which means you can modify the exercises of the last phase of NF and keep going to ages with it.