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Which CT Program?


Hi all,

Currently doing a strength/muscle build program with mains lifts(press, squat, deadlift). Nearly finished and want to do all of these programs listed above eventually. What would be the best program to start on? would the superhero be too intense/ advanced? My main goal is to get stronger and look stronger ( especially on the shoulders). currently achieving 5 sets for 5 reps on these lifts:

Bench press: 65 kg
military press: 44kg ( very disappointing )
Front squat: 80kg
back squat: 95kg
deadlift: 120 kg

With BFB and power look program only 4 days training, can I add your shoulder growth routine on the 5th day training as I train 5 days per week or is that too much?



https://www.T-Nation.com/training/complete-power-look-program Might try this one.


Why not try it as written first? If you really don't like having an extra hour or so per week, I recommend reading a good book in that time.


The three CT programs I was considering was (1) the new power look program, (2) built for bad program, or (3) 6 weeks to superhero program. Want to know which one should I start on first.


Of those 3, I would do 1) The Power Look Program, given your goals.


What about the 915 program:


"This program is designed to make you at least 15% stronger while adding 7 pounds of muscle on your body"


I have done layers off and on for a while. I really like it. I am going to eventually try 915 too. It looks pretty good.


Didn't want to make a new thread for this since I have a similar question. My body seems to be able to handle working each muscle group twice a week. I do a 5x5 program that looks like this:

Day 1 Legs
Day 2 Push
Day 3 Pull
Day 4-6 repeat
Day 7 Rest

Is it worth a shot trying out a CT program that only has 4 working days, with each muscle group trained once a week? I've lost success with my current routine and I wanted to get on a powerlifting routine to solely bulk up some mass. Just not sure if this is the right one for my body. I'm 23 and heal quickly if that matters at all.