Which Creatine?

Any opinions on which Brand has the best creatine? I’m presently taking Phosphagen HP from EAS, but after reading this site I’m paranoid about which one is best. Bio-Test dosn’t carry one do they?

Biotest does not have one. I think there have been a few threads on this so check the search engine for more opinions. I think even t-mag had a giveaway where people posted thier favorite brands. Just get something micronized.


the best one is the cheapest one.

in your case you have the worst!

trac, i just started using it. my friends have used it in the past and it has worked for them.

If you really want info. check the search func. in the mag and forumn. But mainly just get a plain old micronized creatine from a reputable company. No fillers and crap needed just creatine thats it.

P-DOG, Do you say I have the worst because of price, or some other reason? I’ve always felt like it works great, but if it is no good for some other reason I want to know.

Just get regular ol’ creatine powder and stick it in your Surge PWO. There is absolutely NOTHING better on the market. You get a better insulin response than that EAS stuff, and you’re getting carbs and protein for your starving muscles. You could throw a little table salt in there too, if you want a higher sodium content for the creatine uptake.

Down with CELL TECH!!!

My $.02

Check out the ‘Dangerous Creatine’ article in one of the recent issues.

Any creatine, as long as its pure. I’ve used TwinLab’s, ON’s, EAS, Prolab, Champion, ect. I really dont see a difference as long as its creatine. Just dont get tricked into paying extra from some $2.00 dextrose.

Hi Piper!For best results(Imo)take 5 grams of regular old Creatine Monohydrate,7-10 grams of D-Ribose and mix it with your postworkout shake(I prefer Surge).Then,take 30-40 grams of fast acting carbs and sipp it:10-20-30 and 40 minutes after your PW shake.Then,go eat your PW MEAL.You CAN mix 2-3 grams of creatine and 3 grams of Ribose in this meal to,but only if you DONT take creatine before training also(some people take a little creatine with theire breakfast …or right before training)orels Youll just piss it all out.Ps:Exuse my English..Im Norwegian.

I use Prolab brand and it’s pure, good price as well.

What’s wrong with dextrose anyway?