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Which creatine is recommended

I’ve been using Phosphagen by EAS and am running out. I am about to finish my 1st two week mag 10 cycle and was curious what brands of creatine are recommended. I have had good luck with the EAS products, but I am somewhat confused about which creatine product is best. Betagen, Phosphagen HP, Synthevol, or someother brand…I don’t think that Biotest makes one so I was curious what others are using…thanks

I am also taking T2, MD6 (what a punch it has), will start taking M and Tribex 500 on Friday. I am 38 yom, 5’6.5" and started at 221 lbs and 26% BF…I am now 222 lbs and 21% BF. My wife is asking where did my gut go…I’ve been doing Ian King’s 12 week plans
and started the 2nd phase this week. Thanks for any suggestions

Plain powdered creatine. $20 a kilo, micronized. Look around the web. No need for the Kool-aid stuff.

Good job on your progress so far.

Scitec nutrition uses the Ultrapure patented creatine. It’s suppose to be the purest creatine on the market.

Creatine is pretty hard to screw up, short of flat out fraud on the labeling. But do resist Betagen – you’re paying mostly for the HMB, which is generally considered (on this board, at least) to be worthless. Congrats on your progress.