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Which Compounds for Facial Hair?

Here is an odd question for you guys… I’m looking for which compounds would have very little estrogenic impact, but might get me a respectable beard.

I’m 30 years old, and have terribly thin and blond facial hair. Head hair is very thick, with no signs of thinning.

Mast comes to mind as meeting my criteria. I’m also a powerlifter, so strength increases are important, over just size.

Obviously, tren does everything I want, but also lots of things I don’t want too.

your goal with this coming cycle is a beard?


I would indeed like to be able to grow a beard. Maybe minodrixol would work too.

Obviously strength and size are more important in a cycle.

Naturally, my body converts test into dht at a lower rate than most. I was under the normal range for dht in a blood test. Blood tests also indicate that I convert a lot of test to E2. My thinking leads me to believe a heavier androgenic cycle that is not very estrogenic, would work the best for me, with the benefit of being able to grow a beard.

I dont think your supposed to put monoxidil is a bitch to use isnt it? I was looking and you need to apply like two three times a day, on your head i mean. Would be annoying for face but google tells me somepeople do it.
Anyway i think your looking too deep into this, Im 30 and already have mpb. Julius Cesar dint care so why should I.
You dont neeeed a beard because its the “IN” thing now.

My thinking is that since I really have no mpb, and very little facial hair, that a more androgenic cycle like test and mast would probably not give me bad sides compared to a higher estrogenic cycle like test and dbol.

If I did get sides, my thinking is that they would be more favorable (ability to grow a beard) with the more androgenic cycle. Better to be able to grow a beard as a side, then have to buy a bra.

Anavar. I have a thick beard within 10 days if I don’t shave. I shave EOD, but on Var I had to shave ED or else the stubble was much more noticeable. This is totally anecdotal so take it at face (see what I did there?) value.

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Interesting, I would think the girl roid would not cause that issue. It does increase free test if taken with test, which would lead to an increase in dht.

I believe it’s that very conversion to dht that was the cause of the additional hair growth.

Hairloss shampoos with stuff like biotin caffeine etc have made my beard and back/places residue contacts substantially hairier (and f-all for actual thinning).

Depending on your profession and industry, age discrimination is a real thing for those with a youthful look or baby face. Not saying this in jest, I would give up my natty card for a full beard so I can stop looking like I can play a lead in the next Disney High School setting movie at 32. 100% serious on this.

I’m a engineer, about to be 31 on Monday. I do weigh about 225 @ 5 10, so I’m a bit bigger than most, But I still look like a new grad. In the summer I get asked if I’m interning.

Would like to go from 225 @ 20 to 25 percent bf to eventually getting to 10 percent bf at the same weight, and with a beard.

when I was 30, I still couldn’t grow a decent beard. I’m 34, and my beard is amazing. Coincidentally, I started steroids at 30 or 31 (I’d have to check my log to confirm). My beard improved FAST. sooooo maybe it’s time to turn in that natty card :wink:

@mnben87 , I’ve used a few different things, so it’s hard to say for sure what has made the biggest difference, but I’d guess just running test pretty high. I noticed the beard gains starting with my first cycle, which was just dbol and test. The only 2 compounds I’ve used in almost every cycle have been test (every cycle) and dbol (most cycles).

I’ve never used mast, so I can’t speak to that, but I can’t see a problem with it, at least.

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My hair is leaving my head and migrating to other parts of my body in full force, all on its own. If anyone has any tips for compounds for head hair growth, I’d turn in my natty card too :laughing:


Hands down the best argument someone has made for me to take the red pill. What a strange and fun log that would be. “The Beardgains Diary”.

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Gotta get some hypertrophy on the face!

Problem solved… s-l300

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