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Which COC Gripper?


Which Captain's of Crush gripper should I get?

This will be my first gripper. I've been training consistently for 3 1/2 years.

PR's are Squat: 450, Bench 375, Deadlift 505 with mixed grip.


Ivanko makes a nice heavy duty adjustable one if you can find it. I highly recommend it.


I didn't spend too much time on my grip doing OL, and I ordered the trainer and the #1. The trainer I was able to close well over 10 times no problem, and the #1 a couple of times at best. I would guess the #1 would be easy for you, and the #2 challenging.

Still, I think it is a good idea to get the trainer. It is the same quality as the other grippers and its ease will allow you to get your positioning right for the harder grippers. Plus, you can use it as a warmup.


Someone said the #1 would be easy for you, but your DL poundage alone doesn't translate into a crushing grip. My max DL is somewhere around 515, and I still struggle to close the #1 more for more than three or four good reps.

If you can only get one, I say start with the #1.



Thank John Wood over at Functional Hand Strength.


let me just say no homo on the title.


Thanks guys.

LOL. Damn.


To be honest there is very little carry over with the big 3 and crushing strength. Get a 1, 2 and a 3. You may as well, after all you want to progress and theres no point paying shipping on 2 seperate occasions.
Im an inch off the 3 right now. It'll happen though :o)
The ivanko supergripper is a good piece of kit, your fat netter getting it off ebay and trying to get some spare springs to.
Might help you if you learn some of the terminology - overcrushes, negatives, smooth outs, strap holds etc - try the gripboard.


Yeah and get this, I can come within 3/4 of an inch of closing the COC #3 and I've had 400lbs slip out of my hand with a mixed grip. The different facets of grip really don't have alot of carry over. I busted ass on my supporting grip and it's really good now though.