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Which COC Grip Trainer?

I’m trying to improve my grip strength and I’m going to buy one or two COC trainers.

As of right now, I can hold onto about 315 with a mixed grip on a normal oly bar. Can hold onto about 265 with an overhand grip. Pussy, I know. Thats why I’m trying to improve it.

Should I start out with the GUIDE at 60 lbs, or the sport at 80 lbs?


I would say the trainer at the very least. I am about as strong as you (maybe a little less) holding oly bars, and I can close the trainer 20+ times. I am going to buy the 1 and 2 so I can keep working. I would bet you could close the 1 pretty soon.


Go with the trainer and #1 for now. That’s what I got a few years back when at your strength levels and it worked out swimmingly.


I started a thread not long ago on this topic. Got some pretty good advice: