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Which Choice for a Super Short Blast Would be Best?

Hey guys, after some more experienced opinions here.

I’m on TRT so shut down and PCT isn’t an issue, I’ve had 5 weeks out the gym due to backpacking and unfortunately I’ve ate way under my calories needs due to the food being very poor, I want to regain the 4kg I’ve lost but I only have 3- 3.5 weeks to take something before I move on again.

I’m in Thailand so I can access anything really and I’m able to train twice a day and live for the gym so I’ll really be able to push the small time frame to the limit.

I’m thinking of keeping my TRT dose the same and taking either Dbol, Anavar or Tbol.

Although I’ve used all 3 at separate times in the past for much longer I’m not sure which will be the best for the job in the short amount of time, due to dbol being the most anabolic I’m assuming this?
Although I know it comes with the negatives of E conversion.

Do you think I will achieve 4-5lb of muscle gain in 3 weeks on Anavar with the right calories? I’d lean towards this if so as I’d like to keep the lean look but not sure if it’s strong enough to work in such a short time

Stats -
5ft 10
82kg was 86kg
Bf 11% now may be 13% ish due to muscle loss.
Trained for 11 years so I respond well to training in short time frames

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I have the opposite problem. Gaining fat, muscle mass doesn’t appear to have been lost aside from the arms (seriously my arms have lost like .6 inches in circumference)

If assume I’m probably closing in on 80kg

Quick gains typically equal quick losses. What’s your plan in 3.5 weeks? Are you going to be in a calorie deficit again? If so, I wouldn’t bother with this and wait until life is more geared toward your gym goals.

I understand where your coming from,
I’ll be travelling still but I won’t be in a deficit and I will be able to train but not as full time, more in line with maintaince training 3 times a week, but it’s not ideal for me to be on cycle during this time just because I want to be more relaxed but the country I’ll be in has much better food so I’ll be able to eat properly, I’ll think it over, it would be nice to regain lost size but i know I’m cutting it very very fine with the time frame, the only reason I’m leaning to it is due to being on TRT so no HPTA recovery required.

Let us know what you decide and it if works out. Of those orals listed tbol is me personal fav for the type of solid gains you get but I love the way dbol makes me feel more.


I vote dbol, but you can’t go wrong with tbol, either.

High dose anavar and you’ll never use any other oral again. 70mg+ per day, just watch blood pressure.


Gotta be getting real anavar though

I hated dbol

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I’ve heard the not real var thing was very prevalent a decade ago, but now it is less common to be faked. Not sure how true that is. Excited to start my “var” in a couple weeks though.

I agree high dosed anavar is like tren without the sides. But BP does increase for me.

I like 60mg, 100mg a day was fucking crazy fun but my BP stayed in the 140s

140s isn’t good, repeated bouts will induce issues… were you taking precautionary measures (support supps, extra aerobic exercise etc) to lower BP?

No, as the dose climbed so did my BP so I just discontinued the anavar and went back down to low 130s. I can tolerate 40-60mg without problems.

The 100mg dose was too much.

I fully agree, I would say 90mg of Var was far superior to any dose of Tren I’ve been on.


If what I am hearing about var is true, I don’t know why anybody would run tren?

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Did you see any hair loss or any other crazy sides you get with tren?

Because most haven’t gone as high as 100mg of Var, don’t have legit Var or are non-responders (you get these people with most drugs, I don’t think I’m a good responder to testosterone).

Yes I did get hair loss at that dose and libido suppression which is normal with Var.


What did you’re lipids look like on such a high dose of oxandrolone?

Probably screwed but I didnt check.


fucked. Single digits HDL. but with proper supplementation off cycle it comes back to normal pretty quick

also, price. 60+mg anavar a day is quite expensive compared to say 400mg Tren E.