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Which Cert. Is The Best?

I got fired from my job that totally sucked. Im in the gym all the time anyway, and I was thinking about getting certified. Which one is the best? I heard ISSA and ACE are good.
Goodlife in Canada has their own certification called Can-Fit pro, but i dont really want to do sales. I think that means being a trainer at the Y or something. Let me know what you warriors think.
Im in the process getting certified as a Nutritionist, so I figured personal training is a perfect next step.

The certs are all pretty bad, but ACSM is the most authoritative. It’s all politics really.


Not that I necessarily agree with anything written in that article, but if you build up your credentials to his standards, at least nobody will be able to say you’re unqualified.


either of those are the gold-standard

NASM after that

I’m certified by NASM, and am in the process of getting it by ACSM…
Heh, as far as the actual info the books give ya though…well, they are all full of a lot of crap info…

yea, I agree with what the above guy said. Most gyms will take any of the big certifications, but some pay more or require you to be certified with the more respected ones like ACSM and NASM. The information you learn in all the certifications is ok, their good to brush up on your anatomy and learn a couple formulas for calorie intake, but as far as training they are pretty useless.

The big difference is whether they are proctured or not or reqiure a degree to sit for the exam. My cert with ISSA allowed me to study and take the test online, so it was easy and convenient, but gets bashed because the whole test is pretty much open book, so you do get a lot of idiots walking around as “certified trainers” who have never stepped foot in a gym. Reguardless, Personal Training is not federally regulated yet, so no licence or certification is required to call yourself a trainer.