Which Carbs On High Carb Day?

I’m on a carb cycling diet and it goes like this:

mon- no carb
tue-low carb
wed- no carb
thu-low carb
fri- no carb
sat-med carb
sun-high carb

So for the high carb day I’ve been told I should/can eat whatever in carbs, even that ghigh glycemic carbs may be best in fact! So that means candy, pure sugar to me!!!

What would be the advantage of sticking to “good” carbs instead though?

What is the advantage of eating high instead of low glycemic carbs on this day?


Advantage to good carbs like sweet potatoes etc,… will be the miro nutrients and minerals and vitmins they contain.

The candyy and such is EMPTY. But it is easy and fast to refill those sugar level. I just like the real food after all that dieting.

You also need to find what effects you. I was carbv cycling for a bit and found that Corn Starch (Fat free pudding) Bloated the hell out of me. Weird but if I didnt have it and had the same amount of carbs from something else I was good to go,.

I would lean toward reall foods and if needed or craving them trhow in the candy.

Hope that helps,

“How does your body know good carbs from bad? Do some glucose molecules look shifty?”

Fructose seems to make people bloat more than the starchier carbs. Sugar is half fructose. Keep to starchy high GI carbs. Starchy to keep yourself from looking like a balloon, high GI to replenish faster thus creating more of an anabolic affect. Experiment a bit, for some rice bloats them as well. The trouble is getting enough carbs during the loading days, so quality can suffer if you don?t stuff the pie hole enough as a result of quality carbs are more filling generally.

My two cents,