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Which Carbs Count? Fiber? Net Carbs?

I have been eating low carb trying to get to single digit bodyfat. I started around at 18% and got down to 13%. I also know I took a few steps back over Thanksgiving… Anyway my diet has consisted of 50g extra carbs outside of the workout nutrition. Usually it is just 50g oatmeal with some splenda.

I have read about Shugart’s experiment with eating 4 lbs of veggies a day. I also read the article from earlier this week talking about how beans are so low on the GI that they should count as veggies. So I decided to tone it down a bit and try a combination of 2 lbs of green veggies and 1 lb of beans everyday. I split the beans between my first two meals and split the greens between my first 4 meals.

In theory that is about 3 lbs of veggies that are so low on the GI that they don’t count right? My question is even though they are low on the GI scale and have tons of fiber, do all these extra calories still count? I know a lot of guys consider veggies free foods and apparently beans fall into that now as well. But thats a lot of food is it really not going to count?

For the veggies if I add up all the calories for 2lbs and subtract all the fiber it leaves 20g of extra carbs. And for the beans doing the same leaves about 50g extra carbs. Thats 70g extra carbs not counting fiber.

I know its mostly split throughout my day , but I was only consuming about 50g carbs before that. Should I ignore these carb calories or should I drop my morning oatmeal to compensate? It may not seem like a lot but going from 50g carbs a day to over 150g is a big difference.

Thanks in advance for your input

The beans count,… green veggies (lettuce, broccoli) usually don’t. When I cut I dont count greens (or cauliflower). Beans are pretty calorically dense, which makes them a little different than something like lettuce.


Thanks Stu

Is it safe to assume when dieting down that fiber calories don’t count towards your daily intake? On this plan I increased my daily fiber intake by 50+grams or 200 calories. At the start thats no big deal but as I cut carbs and calories down over the next few weeks do these start counting?