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Which Carb Do YOU Use PWO?


So we've got Waxy Maize being out here for a while now, and it seems the "heavy hitters" seem to be one of these 3 choices, so I ask you guys that have been lifting for a long time, which of the 3, or what combination of the 3 do you choose in your post wkout shake?

  1. Dextrose
  2. Maltodextrin
  3. Waxy Maize

  4. Dextrose/Malto combo.

  5. Other combo.

Personally I am still on Maltodextrin, but have been contemplating hitting up a Dex/Malto combo, or hitting up Waxy Maize again, just to switch things up a bit.

What do you believe to be the supreme mix for you?



I have only ever done #4. Works well enough for me. I like Surge.


I just use Surge.

I don’t see the point of WM if you’re consuming a protein PWO like you should.


Yeah. I use whatever the hell is in Surge.

Damn… I should probably know what that is.