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Which Calories/Macros Are Right?

I’m 6’, 202 lbs, male, 22 BMI (via calipers) 34” waistline.

My goals are to looks the fat, so cut.
Ideally like everyone else I’d like to not lose muscle mass.

I work out 5 times a week. 3 days of weightlifting and 2 days of bjj. I’m getting my meals squared to where I’m eating healthier.

So no I’m trying to monitor my calories and macros.

I’ve done 4 calorie counters that range from 1860-2248

Majority were around 1996, which seemed on the low end to me.

For the 1996 it was saying:

Which seemed about right on protein if your doing .7 per pound of body weight, the fats a little lower if going by .4.

the 2248 was
Carbs 281
Protein 140
Fats 62

So I guess the question is, which calorie level seems more fitting for me? And are the macros right based on the calories?

I know the calculators are accurate, I figured you all have more real world experience.

Pick one
Run it for two weeks
Make necessary adjustments
NONE are perfect


Don’t go below bw in lbs times 10, that’s your caloric floor. Or if you do, don’t do it for too long.

Start by figuring out how many calories you currently need to sustain your weight (ballpark guess would be 13-15, maybe 16 times your bw in lbs). Start by reducing calories from there OR eat even more and exercise even more.

And for a macro split I’d go with 40/30/30 (p, c, f). As you lean out I’d increase the carbs and reduce either protein or fats but not run fats below 0.8g/lbs of bw (at least not for an extended duration).


What believer said but if I had to pick one to start with it’d be the 2248 (maybe take 10-20 carb and put it into protein). If u can lose weight with more calories in all the better

Carbs will fuel all your training and by keeping up that intensity u can stimulate gains / maximise muscle retention in a deficit. Also when it comes time to adjust macros down u can chip off 10g of carbs at a time so a lot of wiggle room there to steadily drop weight.

Agree with everyone’s posts for the most part above. I like 40c, 40p, 20f for macros during deficit/fat loss phases.

That’s what I’m looking at doing. My caloric floor would be 2020. Body weight times 13 would be 2600. So the 2200 would put me in a deficit.

As for the macros. You all had a different variation on it. Allberg had higher protein, but states to keep fats higher. Guinea mentioned higher carbs as they fuel your workout. Hostile had way lower fats. So I guess I’ll try allbergs on that. Fats are still lower then the others. Carbs are slightly lower then proteins. But unless I’m wrong, wouldn’t you was proteins higher as it prevent muscle from being loss during a cut?

Oh and unless y’all say something otherwise I’ll take believers advise and run this for a bit and see what happens.

Most important is to be in a caloric deficit and keeping protein relatively high as a protectant to muscle catabolism. Some feel better lower carb, higher fat. I prefer higher carb to keep glycogen full and cortisol lower and with lower fat. This also allows me to eat more food since fat has 9kcal per gram. I’ve also used 33, 33, 33 macro splits too.

Any of the above will work. Pick what you like and feel best doing since compliance over a long enough time is another priority.

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To be fair, I suggested starting with 40/30/30 and then increasing your carbohydrate intake later as you become leaner.

Either way, there’s no magic macro-split.

Articles on T-nation vary in their recommendations. I’d claim that, as a crude generalisation, a lot of recommendations for protein intake as espoused by individuals more experienced than myself will fall in the range of 1.25-1.5g protein/lbs of BW and 40% is a percentage that is unlikely to undershoot that recommendation. In fact, I would be surprised if it doesn’t overshoot it, but that’s okay since the plan is to trade some of that for carbs later in the process.

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More protein is funnily enough muscle/protein sparing in a deficit up to a point which tops out like at 0.8g-1.5g / lb bw the evidence is a bit inconsistent. Beyond that point protein is relatively inefficient energy. So in that way I should benefit from higher protein intake.

Decreased training intensity is not muscle sparing in a deficit even with all the protein in the world. See how you go but if you’re feeling sluggish and the BJJ sessions drain you then carbs is too low. Or cut back on BJJ (if your goals are mostly too look good)

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That makes sense. I appreciate it guys.