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Which calipers should i buy?

I need to pick up a pair of calipers this week, so i checked out the T-mag article, and it recommends Accu-Measure and Slim-Guide, which are both $20USD apparently. Which one (of these?) would you recommend, and where would i be able to buy one in Toronto, Canada?


I bought some Accumeasure at a MuscleMag store, they were $20 CDN. Also, you can buy the digital version online at www.sndcanada.com for $50 CDN.


My recommendation would go to the digital Accu-Measure calipers. I picked mine up at DPS for fairly cheap.

Hope this helps.

Accumeasure by far better readings and easier to do…


Accumeasure it is then. One more thing, is there any way i can buy this online? Really hard pressed on time this entire week.

If you buy a certain resonable amount of supps from netrition.com, you get a set for free
I think its 50 or 75 dollar purchase…


Go to www.shopping.yahoo.com and do a search for Fat Track + digital calipers and then sort by price. You should be able to pick up a pair for around 25 US dollars; do yourself a favor and get a digital pair.


Out of stock

What is out of stock? There are numerous sites to pick them up at; not just one.

SND Canada has them right now. I just happened to be planning to pick up the Accufitness Fat Track 2 calipers tonight at a shop here in Calgary. These are recommended? They quoted me $45 bucks Canadian, which seems awfully cheap for this particular place.

Do yourself a favor and don’t get the Fat Track digital ones! The buttons are very flimsy! Mine broke the 2nd time I used them.

The best for the $ is The Body Caliper. It can be found online for $20-30 and is VERY accurate, is made very well and comes complete with a nice case for protection. I use mine weekly on my clients and so far it has lasted over 2 years!!!

I’m in Canada so it’s not that easy. Finally managed to dig up a Canadian online retailer that has these on Google though. See my other post.