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Which Breakfast Cereals Are Best?


I know, I know. All cold breakfast cereals suck nutritionally. But they are one of my last food vices. For whatever reason (weakness, I guess) I can't shake them from my diet. So which ones would be the least bad for me to eat every morning? Special K, Cheerios, Total? Any suggestions?


Whenever I eat cold cereal, I get granola with raisins and fruits.


I know Shugart has cited Fiber One as the only cold cereal worth eating.



I would try Uncle Sam. It tastes like shit, but the nutritional profile is pretty good.


Fruitti Pebbles.
I can not keep it in my house or i will eat the entire box in one sitting. And not the Low Sugar Crap!


He also mentioned Shredded Wheat and Shredded Wheat 'N Bran, and not that frosted crap!

I don't know if Total still makes their "high protein" cereal anymore, I haven't looked for it since I tried once along time ago, tasted like shit.


It may not be healthy but I love it. Kashi! Crunch...



Being a former cold cereal addict, this topic is near and dear to my heart, although cold cereal has been completely eliminated from my diet for a while now...

Anyway, I remember a thread about 6 months ago or so, where shredded wheat was exposed as having a ridiculously high insulin response because of how processed it is, much like Special K.

It's a shame, I loved that stuff, and really thought it was good for me to. How I long for my days of ignorance...


My current breakfast consists of 1/2 cup of All Bran, 1 cup of Bite Size Shredded wheat, and 1 and 1/2 scoops of Chocolate Grow! mixed with water. It tastes great, has a lot of fiber, and a good amount of protein. Be sure and measure the cereal in measuring cup. Don't eyeball it because you will take in much more than you think. The whole mixture is about 400 calories.


Honey bunches of oats, i eat them and they look or let me say asume to look like they have a good amount of vitamins, i get the bananna kind, or honey something. Pretty good taste too.


Pretty nuch all the ones you listed are CRAP for the most part. TC has said they tested special K back in the day and it came out WORST of the foods tested for its GI/II swing it created.

Now they can have a place post workout, hardgainers, etc but I would stick to real stuff like the granola listed oats etc.


Wouldn't a high GI food be good in the morning with a fast(er) acting protein?

Almost as good as post workout, right?


Didnt CT have a daily tip or something that said he as a child would always have sugary cereals in the morning, but now if he feels the urge, he'd take granola and mix in some metabolic drive to sweeten it up and just eat that with milk.


I've been going with raisin bran post workout for a while now.

Post Brand Rainsin Bran has the best nutritional profile of the different raisin brans.


Oats(rolled, steel cut, quick, and the hot cereal bulk variety), Fiber One, if you have a trader joes or henrys around: Flax Plus, High Fiber O's.


All-bran and homemade muesli (oats, raisins or other dried fruits, nuts) are pretty good and healthy.


I agree completely. That low sugar shit is disgusting. Seriously, it makes my throat and mouth swell up and tastes terrible. I couldn't get more than 1 bowl down.


Uncle Sam with dried berries isn't that bad. You get used to it.


Put a whole bunch of vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Let is get soft. Dump on some special K. Stir.

Voila! Breakfast of champions...

It might also work with rice krispies if you are too embarrassed to buy a woman's cereal like special K.


You can stick some deep fried Snickers bars in there too, or even use them to scoop up the ice cream/cereal.