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Remember the,"Feed Your Head" article by Christ Shugart.The article that explored the T-mag staff's favorite books,on bodybuiding science.What are your "must have" books in this area? Why?


Ian King's latest book has some solid info.

Then again, you'll have to wait 3 years before it is published, lol.



"Bodybuilding Science" is the greatest oxymoron ever.:slightly_smiling:
TC's list from the original article is great.
Strength & Power in Sport by PV Komi is a classic.
Of course there's Supertraining, although the Hypertrophy section isn't completely accurate.
Don't forget Udo's book...


Yep...Arnold's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding is a great read. LMAO.


Supertraining is BY FAR the best book on training anywhere.


sully I agree,

DBMuscle- why do you say the hyp section is not accurate?

Ismael- if you are looking to improve you bodybuilding workouts however i think there might be simpler cheaper and more practical alternatives than supertraining...

if however you are looking for a book about the science of strength training then supertraining is the epitome

  1. Supertraining- Mel C. Siff.

  2. Science And Practice Of Strength Training- Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky.

  3. Dinosaur Training- Brooks D. Kubik.

  4. The Special Ops Workout- Mike Mejia & Stewart Smith.

  5. Super Squats- Randall J. Strossen.

  6. Power- Frederick C. Hatfield.

  7. A Practical Approach To Strength Training- Matt Brzycki.

  8. Weight Training-Thomas R. Baechile & Barney R. Groves.

  9. Weight Training, A Scientific Approach- Michael Stone & Harold O'Bryant.

           TWO CLASSICS
  10. The Way To Live- George Hackenschmidt

  11. How To Get Strong- William Blaikie.

These are are some of my favorites. Each book brings a different view point to the area of strength training and conditioning.

The second book under classics, "How To Get Strong" was first published in 1879! Those of you who think that Joe Weider or even Jack LaLane created body building are in for a rude awakening.

The book talks about repetitions and even has photos of machines! It has some incredibly good ideas on how to increase strength that have stood the test of time. My wife gave me an original copy for Christmas one year and I have read it several times since.

I am fortunate as I collected perhaps over 100 books on condtioning and strength training. My home office is filled with those, and other books of interest.

Great thread thanks for the question!