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Which Book to Read?


Hi fam,

Interested in finding out more about 531. Noticed there’s a few different books out there and not sure which one needs to be read first.



531 second edition would be a good start. Beyond offers more variety but 2nd edition his tons of options to get you started. IMO, short answer get 531 2nd, long answer you wont be disappointed getting both.


I believe 5/3/1 2nd edition is the best start. Also check out Jim Wendler’s website. On the front page he has a “Help a Friend Get Stronger” article that is a very good read.


Thanks guys!

Ended up just buying 531 2nd Edition, 531 for Powerlifting, & Beyond 531. A work colleague is going to lend me 531 for Football also.

At least I’ll have all bases covered.

Thanks fam. :slight_smile:


531 boring but big. Alot of volume and time to learn.