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Which Book Covers BBB?

I’m interested in trying Jim’s 5/3/1 style training. The 3 that are catching my eye are Krypteia, BBB, and Building the Monolith.
I just ordered 5/3/1 for ever to read about Krypteia in depth and now I’m trying to figure out which books have the other two programs listed.
There seems to be tons of information online but I’d like to have the books for ALL the super secret squirrel information!

The Forever book has several BBB programs.

BBB refers to the supplemental set and rep scheme. That said, if you want another book I’d add the Beyond book.

Great, I did not know that. Reading about these programs is extremely confusing to my simple mind. I’m hoping the book will shed some light and answer some questions.

Isn’t BBB in all books? Forever has the most variations, I think but doesn’t have Beefcake which is on Jim’s website.

Building the Monolith is detailed on Jim’s website and not in the books.

Krypteria is in Forever.


If you have Forever, you are all set.
It goes much more in depth about programming than any other book from him, I believe. There’s like 10 different BBB templates there. Krypteia as well.

Building the monolith, like has been said, you will find it on his website. Literally the first Google result.

But you’ll probably understand it better if you read Forever first. Lots of things that are employed in the program (BBS, 3/5/1, 5x5/3/1, windowmakers etc.) are explained in depth in the book. Still, the program on his website is laid out in such a way that you could really just plug in the numbers and follow it. But if you want to understand the behind the scene workings, then Forever will have you covered.

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Reading Beyond 5/3/1 before 5/3/1 Forever is extremely helpful. Things like FSL, 5’s PRO, 3/5/1 instead of 5/3/1 (I think), and others are all explained in Beyond, whereas is Forever, they are just listed and not explained either at all, or at least as thouroughly. Forever can seem complicated at first, but if you give Beyond a shot, it all becomes quite simple.


Ok ordering that because I have no idea what those things are.

Thanks for all the input guys!

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Start at the beginning and read

5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength

Or read the article on T nation which covers most of the basics. Beyond covers some of the first book and also adds some more templates.

Both books are like $10 each on ebook, so treat yourself and get both.

you have to be fucking retarded to not understand 531.

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Thank you sir.

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