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Which Book: 5/3/1 Forever or Original 5/3/1?

If I buy 5 3 1 Forever, will it cover everything in the original 5 3 1 manual or is it better to get both of them?

Better to get both. Forever assumes you’ve read the previous material.

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I have forever and it’s pretty great. But as said above there’s things assumed that you already know, like sst for example.

Yeah, I would get both. Having an understanding of the first book will not only help immensely with forever, but it will help you see and understand more of the progression of the program from early stages to now.

If I could only get one then I’d buy Forever because Jim has released a lot of info for free right here on T-Nation.

I think you could learn the early stuff and some of its follow up by reading all of the free articles and then checking out his forum.

If you can afford both then just buy both.