Which Bodyfat Calipers?

Does anyone know which brand would be the best one to buy or recommend anything, im going to be buying one this week. And im looking at digital ones only.

is this for using on clients or have someone use on you?

Lange brand are considered among the best (not digital though), but run you about $250 IIRC.

if you go to www.performbetter.com you can find an off brand of the same quality for about $150.

why are you looking at only digital ones?

thanks for the reply, it will be for my own personal use, but the thing is im a student and i dont think i want to dish out over 100 on one.

would there be a big difference between the ones around 200 compared to this one http://www.amazon.com/FatTrack-GOLD-Digital-Caliper-MyoTape/dp/B0000X63LM#productPromotions

which runs at around 35? and claims to be extremely accurate

I have the Fat Track Gold and I would say that it’s just okay. The first one I had was defective and the one I currently have is very inconsistent and difficult to get a reading with.

They do work, but keep in mind that you’ll have to play with it quite a bit and sometimes take the same reading 5-6 times before you get an accurate measurement.