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Which Bodybuilder Has the Best....


what bodybuilder in history has the best following
legs(besides platz)

my pics would have to be
shoulders-(this one not really sure yet)
chest-franco had a sick chest but u cant compare that too now, jonnie jackson has a sick chest.


shoulders - definitely Markus Rühl !


id say
back- dorian yates or ronnie coleman or joel stubs
arms- lee priest or larry scott or sergio oliva
legs- jay cutler or ronnie coleman or tom platz
shoulders- kevin levrone or markus ruhl
chest- victor martinez or arnold or franco
calves - mike maratazzo or erik fankhouser


back- yates
arms- lee priest edit: maybe phil heath
legs- ronnie
shoulders- levrone
chest- arnold
calves- fankhouser


o ys calves ya i wud of picked frankhouser


Arms-Schwarzenegger, Heath
Calves-Frankhouser or Schwarzenegger

Honestly though this is too hard. If I really wanted to I could name probably 10 people for each category. However they would probably be the same 10 people in each.


best in terms of size? or in terms of aesthetics?


basically just best in general like on stage what part is the best kind of thing


how far back do u think haneys back development was too dorain?


ya i know what u mean haha


I'm not a fan of bodybuilding at all really, but you guys wouldn't put Sergio Oliva up there in arms?


well i still think heath and priest are ahead of him but he would prob be 3rd on my list


i think platz still reigns as all time best legs


thats why i said leg-excluding platz =p haha


Who do you all think has the best hawt abz???

!!!! KIDDING !!!!


Why? Abs are a very important muscle group for a bodybuilder, they pop out and complete the physique.




Always impressed with Flex's shoulders around 1999-2001


Yeah, Flex might be my pick for shoulders as well.

Back- Dorian/jackson
Arms- Priest/Oliva (I think Arnold and Scott had great arms too, but oliva's were just so damned thick)
Legs- Coleman/DeMayo/Warren (there's also a guy who I've seen pics of with hyooge upper legs, one of the guys on IM has him as his avatar, but I can't for the life of me remember his name)
Shoulders- Ruhl/Wheeler
Chest- Arnold/Nubret/warren
Calves- matarazzo/yates


The Blade for abs.
Ronnie in his prime for everything else.