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Which Body Fat Scale

In need of a new scale. Any recommendations?

Decide your budget, then get something from the Tanita range that fits your budget?

How do these do in 2019? I remember reading about writing these off because your hydration and a variety of other factors could drastically alter the results?

Has technology improved enough that these are more reliable? Not in the market for one but just curious.

Well it had good reviews on Amazon so ordered the 89$ one

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In just the same way that your wight can vary quite a bit in any given day for various factors. The important thing is to weigh yourself regularly when still in the same state (say, first thing in the morning after you’ve had your morning dump!).

I’ve had my scales for about 18 years. They seemed to fluctuate less in the early days when I was carrying less muscle/ fat, which makes sense to me.

Just note your weight/ composition trend over the weeks/ months.

To me, body fat measuring devices are inaccurate.

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They’re not inaccurate, they’re just not perfectly accurate. To get full accuracy you would need an autopsy, and that would spoil your whole day.

The trick with these scales is to be consistent, and note the weight/ composition changes. Let’s be honest, it’s measurable changes we are after, not accuracy down to 0.5%.


They’re inaccurate, but it’s a great way to track consistent progress.

I personally wouldn’t have paid 89 dollars for one.