Which Block for Max Hypertrophy?

Here are some form of blocks you can use:

  1. Base block

    Week 1: Introduction: Lower volume/Lower intensity

    Week 2: Base: Higher volume/Higher intensity

    Week 3: Shock: Highest volume/same intensity as week 2

    Week 4: Unloading: Lowest volume/Higher intensity

  2. Shock block

    Week 1: Introduction: Lower volume/Lower intensity

    Week 2: Shock: Highest volume/High intensity

    Week 3: Shock: High volume/Highest intensity

    Week 4: Unloading: Super low volume/High intensity

  3. Restoration block

    Week 1: Introduction: very low volume/low intensity

    Week 2: Base: very low volume/higher intensity

    Week 3: Base: very low volume/highest intensity

    Week 4: Intensity unloading: slightly higher volume/lower intensity

There are numerous ways to “periodize” a program, which is what you have proposed. This sounds very cliche, but it all depends on the lifters previous program, years training, body comp, and fiber type. What you posted may work for you, but not others. Specifically though, I think you might be changing gears just a bit too fast. You are making a change in volume and intensity each week. Typically you want to change one of the other - unless there is some sport specific conditioning reasons, such as the college shot-putters I coach. For general hypertrophy I think you can more out of sustaining your microcycles a bit longer at 2-3 weeks. I like Chad’s ABBH for this reason - he doesn’t adjust both intensity AND volume, it’s one or the other.

For example, if a client just came off a cutting cycle I might try this:

Intro 2 weeks
70% int (load), med vol
75% int, med vol
Strength 4 weeks
80% int, high vol
82% int, high vol
85% int, med vol
87% int, med vol
Unload 2 weeks
65% int (plyometric), low vol
70% int, low vol
Strength 4 weeks
82% int, high vol
85% int, high vol
87% int, med vol
90% int (rest pause), med vol
Etc, etc…

After writing this I realize this is more for sports conditioning/strength, but you will see some solid growth if you lower the intensities by 5% and increase the volume by a set or two.