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Which Biotest supps to buy?

Hi to all. Like so many of us, I am eager to take advantage of the Biotest sale going on until the end of the week. I am also on a hugely tight budget, but this deal is way to good to pass up, even with my limited financial means. So, I am hoping to get feedback on what y’all think would be the MOST important products for me to get. I realize that the answer is in part based on my goals, and what I’m doing now…so briefly…
I am following CW’s Next Big Three Program, combined with JB’s “Don’t Diet” diet. I am currently at 160lb, and 15% BF…the goal ideally to get down to around 10% BF.
I am now going into week three of the training and diet protocol (of a total of 6weeks on the program). After that, I plan to start CW’s ABBH program with a bulking diet.
So those are my immediate goals. If anybody can chime in on what Biotest supps would be best to purchase for this regimen, I would be very grateful. THanks to all who reply!

Load up on Low Carb Grow for protein/fat meals, and maybe even Classic Grow for protein/carb meals. Remember, nutrition is foundational to everything else in terms of physique alteration - if your diet sucks, then no supplement or training routine will work.

If you’re on a tight budget, that’s probably all you can afford. I just ordered 2 LC Grows and 2 Classic Grows (+ 2 more of each free) and it came to $195. Since you live in Canada, you’ll probably have to add shipping & handling to that.

But that much Grow will last a while! (unless you’re on Massive Eating…)

what supps are you using now?

Uh, how much money you got?

Surge and Low Carb Grow easily the two most important if you can afford them.


To PDog: thanks for the reply. I am only using protein powder right now. I know i can use more. But limited by money.

Right Side: only have about 200 dollars to spend.

Thanks for getting back to me!

just go with surge or a similiar drink and the grow. thats all you really need. just focus on the ole diet.

Surge is number one. Grow! is overrated fot the price. You can get Optimum Nutrition or go to allthewhey and get a much better deal on that stuff. And then you have extra money for more Surge. :slight_smile:

Vanilla Grow! Nothing tastes better! I’ve also always had great gains with it and can down shake after shake and never get tired or sick of the taste. Most other mrps I’ve tried just didn’t taste all that good and likely weren’t as high quality as Grow, check out the protein insider for info on all that.

Surge is your next priority. Tribex is also great and fairly cheap if you can swing it… I like it just as much as red kat which is much more pricey.

Whatever you decide hurry and order while the superstore is still running, in the past tmag has run good deals for a while, but then left us out to dry for a year or more before doing something again.

no, surge or a similiar drink is your # 1 priority. pwo is the one time that it is almost essential to have a quality liquid meal. the rest of the day can be handled with whole foods. grow or another protein powder does come in handy though.

If you’re short on cash, buy more food.