which biotest supplements to use?

I am on a limited budget for buying supplements but would like to start using something to help my results. Which ones would you guys recommend? I am currently following Christians Olympic Lifting Program cause my goal is to get as strong and powerful as possible. I have just begun to clean up my diet by limiting all the proccessed foods and sugar and including more protein and vegetables. The one thing that seemed interesting was ZMA. I have trouble relaxing at night and since I get up at 5 a.m. most days I am left tired and craving sugar.

ZMA would probably work well for your sleeping habits. And best yet, it is really cheap. Also, considering sleep/recovery is such a big part of training it could help you go to the next level.

Are you interested in taking pro-hormones/pro-steroids? Mag-10 can get kind of pricey, but it certainly works well. Tribex is much cheaper and would give you an added boost.

If not, just spend your money on food and protein. Never underestimate the power of eating big.

I mean, the thing is, you’re going to know which supplements you need more than any outsider does. You know your goals, your routine, your financial situation…assess what you’re trying to do and what gaps you need to fill and decide which supplements do the job.

But, since you wanted recommendations…

ZMA- yes. Cheap, effective, kinda like a mineral-insurance policy. Don’t expect to get HYOOOGE because of it though.

Surge (or other similar during/post workout drink)

Low Carb Grow and Original Grow are good, but you may not need them if your diet is complete enough. Again, you make the decision which supplements you need.