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Which Biotest Supp?

Really quick question for all you T-People out there: I’ve done some monetary calculations, and I can spend about 70 bucks each month on Biotest supps. Now, I need something that will last close to the whole month, and I’m looking for something that will help me look more cut, but I would also like to put on some more muscle. I was orginally thinking maybe methoxy-7 or t2-pro (even though this probably won’t promote muscle growth). Let me now your opinions, any help would be greatly appreciated…

The only supp from Biotest that I’m currently using is Surge. I think Surge is a must for everyone. (This assuming that you’re going to use your $70 to buy Surge and/or other things as well)

i agree with stella,when comes to supps. and nutrition, post-workout consumption is one of, if not thee, most vital element. go with surge…

Seventy dollars is sufficient to do some great things. What I would do is buy one month, 2 bottles of 4-ad-ec, use them at 1 dose per day until you run out. Then next month buy 2 bottles of methoxy and use till you run out. repeat as desired. you can even push the 4-ad up to 2 months at a time (4 bottles) and then go with tribex for a month although this is usually frowned upon. However, i think that suppression is totally over-exaggerated on this forum and by biotest.

As far as post workout is concerned I drink half a gallon of skim milk immediately after a hard workout, then an hour later eat a sandwich with a quart of milk. I am currently bulking OBVIOUSLY… bf% = 8 so I am somewhat of a bf% freak as I can do this…

I would suggest Surge and Grow or the Low carc grow. Need your basics more than you need the other supplements.

Yep, I agree. [i]Protein[/i] is a must, and so is the [i]Surge[/i]. The rest is just Gravy if you can afford it.


A sandwich!?? Do you know how odd that sounds here in the T-mag forum? Sounds like you need to spend that 70 bucks on FOOD, big guy.

OOPS… just saw that Dawgontheporch was the sandwich guy and not OneDay. I take back the 70 bucks part, but still…a Sandwich?

Well it’s a HUGE sandwich with tons of meat and veggies on whole wheat bread guys… We’re talking massive amount of sandwich.

Shit, just wishing I had $70/month to blow.

Priority 1: Postworkout (Surge)
Priority 2: Protein (Powder, Bars)
Priority 3: Androgens

I agree with the post workout nutrition. I have been through 4 tubs of surge and not noticed better recovery than when I use a whey/malto/dex mix which is about half the price. Flame away but lots of old timers built their physiques with lots of dairy, sandwiches, etc.-LW