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Which Bar

ok so im gonna be doing the hang clean and press for the first time. now in my gym there’s those normal long thick bars that you can add weight to and use for squats, etc… and then there are thinner, shorter bars with fixed weights on the sides that cant be changed. what are htey called? does it matter which i use for the hang clean and press? does the length of the bar and thus change in balance make a big difference? thanks

I think you are going to want to use the olympic bars.

The fixed weights don’t rotate do they?

Second the olympic bars.

I’m wondering why doing an Olympic lift with something other than an Olympic bar was considered an option.

thanks everyone. why would one want them to spin or rotate?

it’s best to have nice bearings in the bar, that way the bar will spin and the weights won’t. Nobody wants to have any of their force production going towards rotating the weights (which can have a large moment of inertia) when lifting the bar. If you have a bar with good bearings, a minimal amount of force is required to rotate the bar while lifting it, thus allowing more energy to be directed towards the actual lift.

Granted a lot of people might think I just blew smoke up their ass… but I’m serious. Try doing a max clean with a nice olympic bar, and then again with a solid/fixed bar (where the weights rotate at the same angular velocity as the bar) and see which you can clean the most with, it will be the bar with the best bearings (if you really get into it, then bar whippiness can also have an effect).

Take home message, good bearings = less inertia to overcome during the lift = more weight lifted

Hey CU AeroStallion, didn’t recognise you with your new avatar :slight_smile:

As a physicist, I agree with your smoke-up-the-ass explanation. Inertia does indeed rule the world; just make sure you use all the inertia to move the bar up, and not to get it spinning.

I think he’s talking about the fixed weight bars that most people use to do bicep curls, the ones that tend to be stacked on a rack with 10 lb plates.

[quote]vroom wrote:
I think you are going to want to use the olympic bars.

The fixed weights don’t rotate do they?[/quote]

Simple, to the point and correct.