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Which Bar Do You Recommend?


I'm looking to invest in a bar for the powerlifts. Currently, I am using a Pendlay bearing bar for all of my lifting, but would like to use it exclusively for the Olympic lifts. I've got my eyes on 4 bars, the Texas Power Bar, York, Westside and the new Rogue Power bar. Which would you recommend?


Texas Power Bar.


all solid choises. Texas powerbar has a much rougher knurling than standard barbells (some people dont like that for back squats and especialy sumo deads)


I only have experience with two of those. The Texas bar is a great option. As others have said, the knurling is nice and deep.
The bar I use is a York bar from the 70's and I love it. My grandfather bought the bar for my father forty years ago. It hasn't bent and it spins great.


I used one of those Rogue Ohio power bars recently and it was super nice for the price.


I'm glad you posted that. I was thinking about picking one of the Ohio bars up up to swap with my Oly bar for deadlifting and probably bench.


Never noticed an issue with the texas power bar knurling for squats. It's there, but not terrible. I squatted with a mastodon bar in my last competition and it felt like it was going to peel my back off, haha.

For an all around bar, the TPB is great.


Thanks for the responses! Price-wise, the rogue and York are the least expensive, with the westside bar being the most $$$. The Texas powerbar is right in between those prices, and the distributor here has free shipping. I WANT deep centre knurling on a bar, as my current bar has none, and despite squatting with it for the past 3 years, I've never felt as comfortable as I did when lifting on the old, cheap, centre-knurled ones they had where I used to lift.


I've never used one but Mark Bell said in a recent video that they bought a bunch of Rogue Westside bars for supertraining. He said they were similar to a Texas Power Bar but better.


I sold my TPB and am waiting for the Ohio power bar to be in stock again.. They probably won't be much different to be honest


So I've done some travelling about, and tried a couple of different power bars. The one I liked the most was an old York power bar with bare steel, which, unfortunately, they no longer make. I had never lifted on a bare steel bar before, and I'm telling you, this was love at first touch.

So now my choices have gone to the Rogue ohio power bar, whenever they actually get some in stock, or possibly the B&R bar from Rogue, which seems to be very similar to the York pb, just with dual knurl marks and no coating. Is the B&R a good choice for a powerbar with regards to stiffness? They market it as an all-purpose bar, and I'm really not wanting anything that is too whippy.


Texas Power Bar. I had posted this very question a while a go.
Took the advice from all the good Brothers here, and have NO REGRETS !


Yeah, I've been humming and hawing for too long! I finally pulled the trigger today - https://therepublicofsport.ca/index.php/bars-and-plates/barbells/the-original-texas-power-bar-by-buddy-capps-free-shipping.
I haven't bought anything from this company before, but the price was the best I could find in Canada.


Great choice! You're gonna love it.

The next bar you will want will be the Texas Squat bar. Extra-wide center knurling. Extra length between the sleeves. Extra stiffness. Extra bad-ass.


I'm pretty sure that my wife will kill me if I buy another bar. I may have to sneak this one down to the basement when it arrives!


Hang a curtain off either end as you bring it inside. You'll be fine.


Hey Blue, if i recall correctly you had a thread about plates. Did you ever order from thetreadmill factory place for your oly plates? If so are they worth the investment?


Hey Blue, if I recall correctly you had a thread about treadmillfactory.ca and their olympic plates. Did you ever end up ordering them and if so are they worth the investment.


I went with the Zhangkong coloured training bumpers from Jumpstart athletics. Wanted kilo plates, and their price was better than the pendlay and rogue black competition-style bumpers. I did look at the ones from TF when I went to the London store, they look good, pretty much the same as most econ bumpers.