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Which Band for Deadlift?


I just hit a new PR for the deadlift. I can pull a bit more off the floor now another 10kg (22lb or so) (so that is my weakness). I think I will get stuck half way up . If I have bit more speed I will complete the lift.

Which band tension should I use? 230-235kg 500-515lb I think will be the projected max. ( I have had some success using very light 30lb band on the bench press. ) Normally I just do OL lifts but I want to increase the deadlift enough to gain 10-15 kg on the clean . I understand this my not work nor is it the best strategy.


Motorhead. Or Public Enemy. Or maybe the Prodigy?


Iron Maiden. But this is the Powerlifting forum - 30-40lb or 50-60lb?. So should I go lighter or a bit heavier. Anyone had any experience with this.


How are you going to set up, or attach the bands? Do you have a platform or rack with band pegs? You'd use full length bands, draped over the bar for this. Maybe doubled or quaded?

Or are you going to put the bar through the bands and then stand on the other end, using short bands?


FlatsFarmer, I would have to stand on the bands.


Probably, "Short, Light" bands to start.

You might look, or search, for some kind of short band tension chart, for more info.


When I used bands, I rarely thought about the exact poundages. I put on bands that felt good on that day and started piling up weights until the work weight felt good. I tried figuring out specific resistances but it never felt just right and going by how I feel ended up working a ton better.

Also if you need heavier bands than Motörhead or something, try Benighted - Asylum Cave. It'll make you crush the barbell.


thanks for the responses. I will probably use around 50-60% bar weight with a lighter band /s and see how it feels. Furius how were your results from the bands.


I dont know which ones you have but eliteFTS has a nice set of mini bands for cheap for deadlifting, also has a chart breaking the tension at lockout based on height and such.light bands would probably be the best way to start. If you havent used them before, even light mini bands can turn an easy warm up weight into something surprisingly difficult. As cheap as decent mini bands are, buy the light and the 2 steps above so once the lights are easy you can immediately progress.


Using bands like that, I got 30kg on my deadlift max, 10kg to my paused bench max and 15kg to my squat max in 3 months.