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Which Athlete Has the Least Muscle Inbalance?


all the past power lifting cause alot of muscle imbalances for me. When im judo i get trashed because of this, i need to join a sport that has alot of condition to fix my current problem.

pectoralis stronger then upper back, Hip flexors stronger then my ass, upper traps stronger the middle traps etc and many more i dont know about.

so how should i go about this, these inbalances are achie bakie for me too besides performance.


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I'm sorry, but how can your hip flexors be stronger than your glutes if you are a former powerlifter? What power lift relies heavily on Hip flexor strength to the detriment of glute strength?


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i ended up over working them with other exercises, i don't just lift, i have to do conditioning for my coach otherwise they will complain that i am lazy, and injuries can cause imbalances when a muscle overcompensates.


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"Why am i listening to you anyways your mexican, you dont even have a olympic team."


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For combat. Just keep training. Your conditioning work will generally help you develop what you need to in order to fight effectively. Your style.

Usually if you can I suggest lifting heavy when possible. The training will cover endurance and explosive training.