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Which Arm Does More Work on a Deadlift?

I know its not an arm lift but let me continue… When using a grip where hand A faces my body and hand B faces away from me, which arm is doing more work? I don’t use straps as I want to increase forearm strength whenever possible. I’m curious because my dominate right arm/forearm is slightly bigger and would like to help this balance by having more work on my left arm during deadlifts. I know it’s probably not a crazy big difference but am curious nonetheless.

Hope this makes sense…

oh there is a difference overtime if you dont swap grips it’ll become noticeable over a long period of time in your back.

As kinein alluded to, the difference isn’t really in your forearms, but you may notice a difference in your back over time. I wouldn’t try to balance your forearms through deadlifts, just switch your grip every set or every rep. Do it now while you are a beginner, otherwise it will become habit to grip it one way and you will notice a difference in your back.

Your forearms will likely even out over time, if you are really worried about it, you may want to give that arm some extra direct work. If your forearms are different in size, it is likely your biceps and triceps also are.

BTW, the grip you are referring to is called a mixed grip.

hey, if the forearm on arm A is smaller than the one on arm B, then do a couple of extra sets wrist curls or grip work at the end of the workout for arm A. like 1-2 extra sets.

I did right had facing me, left away, as does my roommate, and he pulled his left bicep and can’t lift now without pain, and I notice my right lat being bigger than my left, which (I googled it, so it must be true) is common with a mixed grip. I do both hands facing me now. haven’t noticed a huge drop in strength, so whatever.

Yeah in reality it probably is best to keep them alternating (what i’ve been doing anyway…) I have a little book I keep track of weights and reps with and put an R or an L for whichever hand faced up for that day. Will continue to do so.

And yes, my left arm is not equal to my right. It’s probably not noticeable to others, but it is to me because I see myself everday. All the more reason just to work harder I guess.

Thanks everyone.

Remember that it also has to do with daily life. Someone who is right handed will use his right arm more than his left. Same thing when you are playing soccer.
Take this into consideration.