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Which Area Should I Go To School?


So, Ceteris Paribus as far as academics, quality and cost (all these schools are highly affordable), which one of these schools, regionally and cultural would you choose to spend 2-3 years of your life for 9 months a year. All these schools offer good or great programs in the field I study so, I'm wondering about the area. Which appeals to you the most?

& BTW I'm bilingual in Spanish, I realize PR schools are bilingual education.

Universidad Politecnica de Puerto Rico
University Of Puerto Rico: Arecibo
University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez
University of Puerto Rico: Rio Piedras

New Mexico Highlands University (Portales)
Eastern New Mexico University (Las Vegas)
University of New Orleans
Nicholls State University (Thibodaux Louisiana)
Elizabeth City State University (North Carolina)


California not a choice.
I am disappoint.


Go to Vegas.
Stop saying you're bilingual in Spanish, it sounds weird. Just bilingual is enough - everybody knows you're a beaner just by looking at you.


What, you can't get into Duke?


I am guessing that you have never been to Portales, seeing as how it is still on your list.


Las Vegas BTW man, not Vegas Nevada


You should go to school in hell.


Maybe you could tell me about? You're from Ireland so u'd know best.


It's an enchanting place with amazing views. There is a stern playfulness in the air here.



Well, Hell is this little town in south east Michigan. There's a giant brick building painted red, yellow, and orange that says "Welcome to Hell". I've only been there twice, and I'm sure there isn't a college there.

It freezes every year too. My dad grew up around and hour north of there. It's a little shit town.


Ever do the "Run through Hell"?


This thread is now about Hell.


why dont you just shut the hell up man


What field of study are you looking for?


I'm from Michigan and I've in Hell too!


Affordable out of pocket schools with both Mech Engineering and Comp Sci


Engineering? Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University), San Luis Obispo, CA.


Damn, you are pale Hallowed.

Cal Poly! That's the spirit!


okay yes. yes I am (but only my face really)


Engineering? Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University), San Luis Obispo, CA.


That's either your alma matter or you're a recruiter :slightly_smiling:

Both ME and CS, as in a joint program, or just good programs for each? This is for undergrad, right?

You should also consider the environment. At least for me, that's important to preserve sanity.

If you're talking engineering and CS, and "affordable" implies public schools, I think Cal (UC Berkeley) probably has the best program in the public school systems (UC, CSU) in California.

Cal's EECS (EE + CS) program is pretty well known and competitive. Also tough, as in they installed showers in the the comp labs because the CS students would stay for so long and stink up the place (so you know there's a lot of talented people there). I personally don't like the area, but the program is really good and really fucking competitive.

Cal Poly is gorgeous but I don't know their program.

I think UCSD has a good CS program but I'm not sure.

If you can do it, I'd apply for scholarships and see if you can take out loans and do private school, if only because the administrative process and paperwork is a lot less infuriating than it is at CSUs and UCs (both public). It's the difference between getting in the classes you want and having an adviser really care about your paperwork process (this counts when you approach graduation). I'm speaking from experience. Not sure how public systems are outside of CA.