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Which Animal Has the Most Protein?


I'm wondering something after my friend told me that Chicken has the most protein of any animal per lets say, 1 cup serving.

So is this true? Theres gotta be a more protein saturated animal out there.

Here is some common and not so common animals i looked up on FitDay.com although i couldnt get them all in the same serving size.

Chicken (1 lb): 41.24g

Ground Beef (1 Cup): 39.51g

Duck (1 lb): 25.04g

Beaver (1 lb): 109.09g (WOAH! Someone tell me where i can buy Beaver meat!)

Eggs, Whole, Raw (1 Cup): 30.35g

So from that it looks like BEAVER meat wins. Can anyone confirm this, or find an animal with more protein per cup / pound?


I like beaver.


Yep - just another excuse to eat beaver....


Eating lots of beaver will really help your lifts and physique goals in general. As those goals are met, it will also become easier to obtain said beaver. Just remember, beaver is a dish best served fresh and clean.


They're illegal to buy, except in certain counties in Nevada. Good luck.


I've heard you can use alcohol as currency, so you're technically not buying.


try kangaroo meat. very lean and high in protein, similar protein content to chicken i think. great stuff.


Plenty of Beaver in NZ to eat, but tastes like fish if not washed first!


While you're searching for the most "bang for your buck" (I typed THAT one carefully, believe me!), keep in mind that there are also fat levels to take into account. High protein content, if it comes with a lot of saturated fat, wouldn't be a great idea.

I love it when the Nation finds a topic they can all appreciate. :wink:


I also have to give a big nod for beaver consumption. Hmm, no wonder I'm such a big bastard.

You might also look into buffalo meat. One of my favs. There have been numerous threads on exotic meat benefits, including buffalo.

I found this site interesting...


My advice: Open several windows, search for your animal of choice, and flip back and forth watching the marking dot move around the caloric ratio pyramid (make sure you are evaluating based on comparable serving sizes).

elk, venison, bison/buffalo, ostrich, emu, many more...and of course sexy music beaver. Yeah, baby. (autin powers)


The site I previously referenced has a tool for doing a quick search based on parameters of interest.

I did a search in the 'Lamb,Veal & Game' category for foods high in protein and low in Saturated fat and cholesterol. You can obviously change those to be parameters of your interest.


(Unfortunately, they don't have a 'low in herpes' option)


If you are interterested in buffalo, but do not live near a store that carries any, try here:


I have been buying from them for years. And you can occasionally get better costs on shipping if you call them, rather than placing a web order.


The beaver jokes are funny, but on a serious note it may be high in protein, but I think, I heard somewheres that it is greasy. The mountain men would have eaten a lot of it as they trapped it for the fur and often ate anything they could get due to survival.

The Indians as well probably would have eaten if it tasted good, but I think they have a lot of musk from their glands which probably affects the taste of the meat in a bad way, so even high in protein if it tastes bad probably wouldn't be considered meal worthy unless under survival conditions. My two cents.


I knew there was a reason why I like eating beaver so much!

Tastes great. Less filling.


Yeah, I agree. I don't like musky or greasy beaver. It really upsets the taste. Sometimes beaver has that "gamey" taste to it. I usually pass on that and find some that is fresh.

I believe there has been an article or post that compared the amount of protein in various sources, and I thought Ostrich and Buffalo were two of the highest protein-containing animals per serving. They were also some of the leanest sources as well.


Elk, I think most people are aware that beaver can have a certain strong flavor to it?

Or perhaps you are just warning the uninitiated so they aren't surprised the first time...

Yep, beavers, tail slapping, timber and meat. We've got a topic now!


I know where you can get beaver!


I know what's for dinner... :wink:


Which form of beaver or you talking about Vroom?


Flynniec6, is that a Spaceman Spiff avatar there? Nice.

And wasn't there a Beat Our Caption about the elusive Canadian beaver?