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Which AI for Least Side Effects?

So I’ve cycled in the past with arimidex on the side and aromasin, however those were cycles where i went bonkers and got plenty of sides, did not mind my health those years.

I am now on Test cruise 200, trying for least side effects possible, i get water and puffy nips at even 100 or 150MG, so im gonna be needing an AI for sure.

Which AI would be good to use for long term keeping the least sides? I hear all kinds of crazy crap about arimidex like high blood pressure, blood clots, etc, or is it dose dependant? havent used adex a lot and deffo havent done long term, but its the easiest to get for me.

I cant have an ai that would up my BP or thicken my blood, its already thick, any input? Also what to dose the AI and how many times, just to keep the gyno down and control the water a bit throughout the cruise.